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Remodeling a home or building is like ordering a complex cheese burger. You can have it plain, with cheese only, or you can have gorgonzola and thick apple cured bacon with avocado. We are trained to know that the later burger will cost us more, but this intuition does not come naturally when we start to think about remodeling or building. How much does something cost vs something else in the building industry is one of the most often asked questions and at the same time one of the most difficult questions to answer. I am going to bring some clarity to this muddy situation and help guide you down a path that will allow for you to quantify and prioritize your wants, desires, and dreams with regards to a remodeling or building project.

Start by analyzing why you are thinking about remodeling or building. This could be for personal reasons, investment reasons, or social reasons. Write the reason down. Maybe you are looking to remodel a kitchen, bathroom, living room, or renovate a commercial space for a new business, the reason is like the meat in the burger. The why reason will become the foundation for everything else to sit on and around.

For our example we are going to use a kitchen remodel as our foundation and our reason is to update the kitchen! We need to analyze the components of the kitchen much the same way we analyze the cheese burger. Do we want a complex heavy burger with cheese, onions, and chili or a simple bun, burger, and cheese? With regards to the kitchen start by looking at how you use your kitchen, what components of the kitchen are most important to you? Do you cook from scratch? Do you compost? Do you store dry goods like flour and rice? Do you cook with gas or electric or both? Quickly this list can get complex, do not be afraid to let the list grow.

The list should be prioritized into categories based upon levels of have to haves. Number one is non-negotiable, number 20 is closer to the would like to have but not a deal breaker. The outcome of a remodel or building project should be a positive modification to your way of life that betters your daily living style. The prioritized list now allows you to communicate to your designer, architect, and builder about the reasons why you are remodeling or building in the first place. The prioritized reasons can be broken down into building categorizes that can than be estimated. If the build team, designer, architect, and builder, know you want granite or marble they can than talk about options related to a solid surface countertop. Do you want 3cm or 2cm? Under-mount sink? Edge detail? Material selection? The single choice of granite does not end the conversation, much like choosing that you want cheese is not definitive enough to move forward, but it directs the next line of questioning in the right direction.

By making a list of things that you want to achieve from a remodel or building project, no matter how long, you allow for your desires to be placed into building categories and sub-categories that have a monetary value associated with them, thus allowing you to quantify your wants and desires into $ and thus start to see if you really have to have avocado with your apple cured bacon!

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